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 投稿者:carlomazzaccara@libero.it  投稿日:2016年 2月10日(水)19時56分7秒
  Looking for a partnership in japan to open one shop of Neapolitan mandolins, Violins, and classic guitars. Me and some my friends luthiers are looking for a partner to cooperate to sell our instruments, Vintage Calace, Vinaccia, Embergher and new instruments , Mandolins Violins and guitars directly in Japan.
we have in stock 25 vintage calace , some vintage vinaccia, embergher, vintage violins from 1800 century, Classic guitars from severals luthiers in Italy and vintage also. we can fill one shop in japan with a lot of instruments from Italy.  the shipping from italy will be with a low price to pay low tax.  looking for partnership in Japan Korea and Cina Taiwan
tel 3804119051
Vat: IT 03507960361



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