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I love SAMMI CHENG~!!!!

 投稿者:catcatメール  投稿日:2002年 8月24日(土)19時10分41秒
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i am a Sammi super fans from Hong Kong.
Although I dont know Japanese and dont know what you are discussing in this message boardI feel so happy and excited that there are Sammi fans in Japan.
Sammi Cheng is really an excellent singer as well as actress.
RecentlySammi has participated in a Hong Kong movie called<My left eye sees ghosts>it is a very touching movie and i like it very much.
BesidesSAmmi's latest album called<Becoming Sammi>is released this monthit is my most favourite album among all her albums~!!!
I would like to make friends with all SAmmi fans^^
If interestedfeel free to contact me~~



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